John Jamont, ME is an accomplished Mechnical Engineer and also a former president of one of America’s top 50 Engineering firms. Before starting his construction bussiness, he overlooked and edited designs for energy efficient high-rise buildings. However, at an early age, he realized that he had a vision for building. Following his goals, in 1976 he started developing his first subdivision and soon appreciated the epitome of his successes. Today, John has built over 100 homes in the Metro Atlanta Area and has honed his skills to build “luxory homes at affordable prices”. During his years as a home builder, John has developed relationships with his home buyers and sees them all as an important part of his bussiness. Joining forces with Brian, they have worked together to improve their design concepts and to stay abreast of the latest techniques of best construction practices.

Brian has also worked in the industry from day one and has naturally learned the trade. Brian attended Georgia Institute of Technology and majored in Building Construction. During his studies at Georgia Tech, he also gained practical experience and worked his way up through the ranks in the building industry. He began as a field engineer for a small commercial company to becoming a project manager of a multi-Million dollar condo project in Dunwoody. When the real estate market crashed, he shifted his attention to smaller renovation projects in Atlanta. He later graduated with highest honors and decided to join forces with Jamont Homes. Now in the bussiness for almost 15 years, Brian has always wanted to continue growing the bussiness and introduce unique concepts that stand as the hallmark of a Jamont Home.

Together, the duo bring a level of experience and a sharp eye toward detail that can be seen in almost all Jamont Homes. Before building the home, the two look to introduce newer products and concepts as their standard features, making their homes the better pick for design,energy efficiency,and price. Their meticulous approach towards managing contractors and employees serves to reduce overhead expenses allowing Jamont Homes to deliver lavish homes with the highest quality products and designs.